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Sea To Sea Communications Inc.
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Using PRI with DID on DCS Systems

MMC 210 - change ISDN ProgCon from NO to YES or system won't send follow-on DTMF after connecting.  Turn on LCR.


MMC 430 - Fractional PRI settings - Any channel NO; Use channel (list number available, i.e. 6)  (Note:  Must also configure MMC630 with correct number of channels for trunk group).


MMC - 724 - Assign trunk group 9 to LCR


MMC - 501 - ISDN Inter Digit Timer - Adjust for site 


MMC - 603 - Trunk Group.  If LCR is used, trunk group 800 should be used.  Put in reverse order so outbound calls use last trunk first.


MMC 710 - LCD Digit table.  Good example here.


MMC 711 - LCR Time Table


MMC 712 - LCR Route Table.  Use trunk group configured in 603.




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