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An authorized Samsung Telecommunications dealer
serving the northwest suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia
including Cherokee, Cobb and Fulton counties.


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Sea To Sea Communications Inc.
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Sea To Sea Communications manufactures several voice mail systems including WavMail, Daily Lifeline and VoiceTrak.  To see our complete line, visit our corporate web site at

As an authorized Samsung dealer we also offer the Samsung voice mail line with our Samsung telephone systems.  These systems offer affordable solutions for basic voice mail applications.

Here are common answers to questions about Samsung voice mail.

Changing the 
main recordings
Call the system.   
This may be a voice mail button or it may be
necessary to dial a number like 519, 549, etc.

If prompted for a password, press *

Enter system admin: # 0 0 0 0
-or- # 0 0 0 on some systems

Enter the password

Choose 1 to edit system prompts

1001 - Day Greeting
1002 - Night Greeting
1003 - Holiday Greeting
1004 - Bad Weather Greeting

Note:  Listen carefully to the instructions or your
recording may not be saved.  In particular, 
listen for instructions to hit the # sign when done.


Options from main 
Samsung menu
1 - Change prompts
2 - Maintain subscribers
3 - Change mode (day/night/holiday/weather)

When changing mode:

0 - follow the DCS mode 
  (Set from the phone system)

1 -  Day Mode
2 - Night Mode
3 - Holiday Mode
4 - Weather Message
  (1-4 set from voice mail)


To access your voice 
mail box remotely
When system answers, dial # plus your extension
Sea To Sea Communications Inc., Canton, GA