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Samsung DCS MMC tips

The information on this page is intended for phone technicians working on Samsung equipment.  

If you find this information helpful please consider our voice mail products at

Samsung voice mail is GREAT for basic features at a basic price but it's not for every application. 
Give us a call if your customers have special needs and we'll describe our solution. (800.966.4446) 

Click Here if you are a technician programming a Samsung DCS system for WavMail, VoiceTrak, Daily Lifeline, Daily Hello or GetMyHomework.  This page lists all MMC settings for our products.

Need help with Samsung programming?  If we have the time and you have a credit card we'll provide support (for a reasonable fee).  You're welcome to the tips on this page at no charge. 


Using PRI and DID with DCS systems

Click the link above for specific screen shots with instructions to use a PRI with DID using LCR.


Configure LCR - Samples

LCR is required for SPNet and should be used with PRI.


7100 - Overflow to voice mail from group 500

From the voice mail web interface:

Open Block

Do both: Foward Trunk & Forward Station
Menu Input Processor tab
Add field with: 500, Goto, MNU, Day Menu


PCMMC Port - remote access

Uses port 5000.  Sharing a single public IP address?  Use port forwarding.  Direct port 5000 to an internal static IP address previously assigned to the Samsung.

External Call Forward using Virtual Port

MMC 102 - Program and activate all-call forwarding on a virtual port.  (3401)

MMC 210 - Intercom External Forward (yes) 

MMC 502 - External Forward Delay (1)

When virtual port is dialed from station, call will forward to external number.  Can also be used with DID in 714.


SVMI-4 - Kill autoconfig after power restore

I usually use the overflow from a hunt group to handle AA functions during the day if a call is not answered.  This works fine if you delete the extension and mailbox on the SVMI-4.  But when power is restored to a system all mailboxes are rebuilt unless you turn off this feature.

MMC740 - NO.  Disables rebuild feature.

MMC 741 - Set the hunt group to NO (i.e. 502 or whatever is being used.


DCS 400 - PCMMC 1.10b (only for the 400!)

Still supporting some DCS 400 systems with PCMMC 1.10b on Windows 2000?

You're missing the file TABCTL32.OCX.  This must be installed and registered in the System32 directory of Windows or PCMMC will not function.


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