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Sea To Sea Communications Inc.
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Samsung offers a full range of telephones with varying capabilities and prices.  All Samsung phones provide clear, clean calls.  The main difference is in the number of buttons and convenience features.

A call-center customer service representative handling only inbound calls may need only a basic, simple phone while some people need every available feature for placing and receiving calls.  We can help match the right phone to the right application. 

Voice over IP (VOIP) or traditional (TDM)?

Traditional digital phones, sometimes referred to as TDM phones, require one wire running directly from the phone closet to the individual phone.  These cost less money initially but may cost more over time.

VOIP phones connect to a computer network and can be moved from jack to jack without calling a phone technician.  If two people swap offices they can carry the same phone to their new office.  No wiring or programming changes are necessary.

Installing VOIP can sometimes require a major upgrade if you wish to have phones and computers share the same network.  Some companies choose to use a second network just for the phones. 

Despite the challenges, shipments of VOIP phones now outnumber shipments of traditional phones - despite the additional expense.

This Samsung VOIP phone can be moved from office to office without a phone technician.  The initial cost is higher but the total lifetime cost can be lower.

Almost every model in the Samsung iDCS line of phones can work with every digital Samsung system shipped over the past ten years. Samsung insures that your phone investment is protected when your growing business requires a larger control unit.

Samsung iDCS phones are used in almost any sized business - from a few lines to hundreds of lines.  

The Samsung Wireless solution is fully integrated.  You can place calls on hold, transfer calls or even press zero to reach the switchboard attendant.  "Pair" the wireless phone with your desk phone so both ring when your desk phone is called - even when you're away from your desk.  

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Sea To Sea Communications Inc., Canton, GA