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Samsung Wireless Phones

The Samsung wireless solution is fully integrated with the Samsung business phone platform.  What does this mean for you?

Your Samsung wireless phone can be 'paired' with your Samsung desk phone.  When calls are transferred to your desk phone, both you desk phone and wireless phone can ring.  Your wireless phone displays the same calling information as your desk phone - helping you know which calls to answer and which to allow to go to voice mail.
The wireless phone includes all the important features of your desk phone - like hold, conference, transfer and more.  It's like carrying your desk phone in your pocket!
The Samsung dual-channel wireless access points are attractive wireless units that can provide wireless coverage for both your wireless phones AND wireless computer equipment.  Laptops, PDAs and Samsung wireless phones share the same equipment and backbone, but can be easily segmented to provide enhanced security for your network.

Click Here for the General Description of the Samsung Wireless solution (several pages in PDF).

Click Here for the brochure of the Samsung Wireless solution (2 pages in PDF).

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