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Networking over the Internet


The Samsung 7100, 7200, 7400, 100 and 500 can be networked over the Internet.

This requires advanced Samsung certification.  This is not an end-user task.

These screens are included as references for our technicians only.

bulletNot all versions of the 100, 500 and 7xxx series are compatible.  If doing SPNet the versions must be of the same 'generation'.
bulletProgram LCR before starting.
bulletUse an IP phone to attach to the remote site for testing before doing SPNet.  Be sure the IP phone can communicate both ways, then do SPNet.


MMC Tips

An "out of order" error on the phone indicates a likely problem is that the MCP can't communicate.

7100 All Others MMC
Ethernet Parameters 2.1.2 830
MGI Parameters 2.2.2 831
System Link ID 3.3.1 820



The 7200 is in TX and the 500 is in GA.
Sea To Sea Communications Inc., Canton, GA