Sea To Sea Communications Inc.

An authorized Samsung Telecommunications dealer
serving the northwest suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia
including Cherokee, Cobb and Fulton counties.

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MMC Tips
Sea To Sea Communications Inc.
Canton, GA


Convenience items to program:

bulletMMC 501 / 5.14.1 System Hold Recall - set to 0
bulletMMC 501 / 5.14.2 KMMC Lockout - max at 250 sec
bulletMMC 501 / 5.14.2 Application MMC Lockout - max at 15 min


Note:  Do MMC 210 and MMC 724 LAST to avoid disrupting existing users.
If all is programmed correctly they'll never notice the change.


MMC 210 / 3.11 - Enable LCR 


MMC 300 / 2.5.2 - Customer on/off
    Access Dial: Off - denies the user from selecting a trunk directly.
    Note:  LCR is designed to use lines in the most efficient manner, 
    like choosing special lines for outbound LD or using VOIP lines for
    certain calls.  With Access Dial  


MMC 310 / 2.4.2 - LCR Class of Service
    Easiest if 1 COS used (obviously)


MMC 603 / 4.1.2 - Trunk Group
    The '9' group will disappear when you change MMC 724.
    Configure groups, starting with 800.


MMC 710 3.1.2 - LCR Digit Table
    Most important table.  Our example uses a local route, LD route and 911 modify route


MMC 711 / 3.1.3 - LCR Time Table
    Does anyone ever change this?  I don't!


MMC 712 / 3.1.4 - LCR Route Table
    NOTE:  Must define for EACH ROUTE.  Note 3 examples here:


Long Distance Route

911 Modifier Route - Note that this route is ONLY for 911 calls
This allows someone to dial "911" from a phone (as opposed
to "9911") and still get help.


MMC 713 / 3.1.5 - LCR Modify Digit Table
    If someone dials '911' from a station, the LCR will think they dialed 11.
    This modifier table inserts an additional '9' at the beginning of route 9.


MMC 724 / 2.8.0 - Dial Number Plan
    '9' must be changed from a trunk group to the LCR digit in 'Features'
    You must overwrite the old trunk group value when prompted.


Sea To Sea Communications Inc., Canton, GA