Sea To Sea Communications Inc.

An authorized Samsung Telecommunications dealer
serving the northwest suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia
including Cherokee, Cobb and Fulton counties.

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Sea To Sea Communications Inc.
Canton, GA


Call our office for:
bulletInformation about and how it works with Samsung phone systems
bulletSales inquiries in North Georgia for Samsung products
bulletTechnical support on Samsung systems purchased from Sea To Sea Communications
bulletDid your dealer go out of business?  (We've been in business for over 20 years!)  Call use for information about phone support in North Georgia, even if purchased your Samsung equipment from another company
bulletInformation about support for voice mail or call accounting systems that we manufacture and support, including VoiceTrak, WavMail, CallTrak, Daily Lifeline, AVM, GetMyHomework and VoiceTrak VT2000 CTI.

Call our office 24/7 at 770.479.6999.   Please press 1 for sales.

We're paged after every voice mail message.  Please leave a return number and a detailed message to receive a prompt reply.

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  Time to Spring forward or Fall back?

Changing the time on a Samsung business telephone system is a two-step process.  You must first enable programming, then actually do the programming.

This procedure applies to:  Samsung DCS, DCS Compact, DCS 100, 400, 500 and the 7000 series.  Do you have a Prostar 816?  Then call us for a new system! 

NOTE:  The Samsung 7000 series should be programmed to automatically change to and from DST based on a table.  Your installing dealer should have insured the table was programmed for several years, or until our meddlesome Congress changes the dates again.  This can be programmed 10 years in advance.  Also note that the 7000 series can keep accurate time based on the national atomic clock if the system is connected to the Internet.

Here is the procedure to manually change the system time on Samsung system:

To enable customer programming:

bulletDo not lift the handset during this process
bulletFrom a display phone, press TRSF, 200
bulletThe default customer password is '1234'
bulletPress the up-arrow button to change from 'disable' to 'enable'
bulletPress TRSF
bulletYou now have a short time to complete the programming

To change the date/time:

bulletTRSF 505
bulletThe old values are displayed on the top line
bulletEnter the new values on the bottom line
bulletNote that 'days of week' are represented by the W.  Note also that Monday is 1 and Sunday is 7.
bulletPress TRSF when finished
bulletRepeat as necessary (we all make mestakes)


New dates for Daylight Saving

Newer Samsung DCS systems have a program (MMC 515) that allows programming of DST changes for up to 10 years.  Systems sold directly by Sea To Sea will have this programmed.

Daylight Saving Time

Year DST
2:00 AM
2:00 AM
2014 9 2
2015 8 1
2016 13 6
2017 12 5
2018 11 4
2019 10 3
2020 8 1


Product Manuals

Due to excessive bandwidth consumption the product manuals have been removed.


Other Products

Sea To Sea Communications manufactures, sells and supports a family of PC-based voice mail products.  Visit our main company page for an overview or visit the specific product site.

bulletSea To Sea Communications (for an overview)
bulletDaily Lifeline
bulletVoiceTrak has just been introduced by Sea To Sea Communications. 

It collects detailed call information from Samsung telephone systems.  This accumulated information is securely stored in a database and is available to customers to produce detailed reports from the data.  Reports can also be scheduled for automated overnight delivery via e-mail.  This is a subscription based service and NO equipment investment is required.  This is a low monthly service charge with no up-front cost of any kind.


Sea To Sea Communications was an original dealer when Samsung started selling business telephone systems in the United States.  We are certified on almost every currently-shipping Samsung product.

Our certifications include the newer OfficeServ 7100, 7200, and the 7400, as well as the older OfficeServ 100 and OfficeServ 500.  We're also certified on SVMi - the Samsung voice mail solution.

Certifications also include SPNet, Samsung's advanced method of connecting these systems together over the Internet.  

Certifications also include the original DCS, Compact and DCS 400, and the older analog systems including the 816, 12/24, 56/120 and more.

Our technicians have at least twenty years of experience and are Georgia licensed low-voltage contractors.  

The Network Plus certification is a computer industry standard that shows our dedication to quality network infrastructure installation and maintenance.

Sea To Sea Communications was incorporated in 1991.


Sea To Sea Communications Inc., Canton, GA